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Jill of the Jungle
A future page!
Something will be here!
Look out world!

This page is under construction.  Heck, I just started on it!  But, when I finish, it will be the first site on the net dedicated solely to one of the greatest DOS games ever created, Jill of the Jungle!! 
It will be filled to the brim with information about the game, loads of screen shots, walk throughs, audio files of both sound blaster and "non soundblaster" sound effects, all of the music files in wav format, midi files, downloads, cool pictures from box covers and miscellaneous sources, yes I'll even mention the infamous cheat of pressing X three times during game play.  Speaking of cheats, that's about the only thing you can find on the net about the game!  What a shame!  Well, that will change in the next few months, so stay tuned and check back every now and then!
Just about all of the images and audio (that will be) on this site are  to Tim Sweeney, John Pallett-Plowright, Dan Froelich, and Joe Hitchens.  These guys are the creators of Jill, the awesome music and graphics and everything.  Some of the stuff on here is (or will be) my personal work, like the walkthroughs and stuff like that.  I don't mind what you do with that, but have some respect for the images and other stuff that I didn't create. 
You can purchase the Jill trilogy and other cool DOS games here, at
Here is my email addy in case anyone has any questions or whatever--

A neat illustration from a Jill hint booklet.